A Story of a Lifetime Volunteer

Photo by Catherine Scott, 2008

My Grandma Amy is a lifetime volunteer and donor. She has inspired me to volunteer throughout my life and showed me the need to give what you can to charity. I asked her to be a DonorSnap contributor and write about why she cares to help out in her community. I see my Grandma as a good example of the caring donor that many nonprofits would love to have as part of their support network. I asked her to write a bit about why she spends her time and money helping out people. This is what she had to say… Continue reading “A Story of a Lifetime Volunteer”

Google Apps Now Free For All Nonprofits!

Screen shot 2013-02-26 at 9.29.50 AM

One of the biggest hurdles for nonprofits to overcome is how to pay for and incorporate advertising  technology and web hosting into their organization. Many nonprofits may already be a part of the Google App system but there is still an application and approval process that takes months to go through.

Today Google announced that it will make all Google Apps available to ALL nonprofits. Some of these Apps would include Google Analytics, Youtube, Adwords and email services. For details and information on how you can register for these products click here.