Will Live Chat Help Capture New Donors?

If you’re a nonprofit, chances are you could use a few more donations right about now. It’s not an easy task to raise enough funding for your organization, but it is essential. We are always asking, “What are new or more efficient ways to fundraise?” The narrow approach of personal meetings takes considerable time soliciting and planning. Broad approaches, such as modern donation web pages, can reach a huge population, but usually lack the strength of a personal ask. What if there were an easier way to create a more personal ask on a larger scale. Could a live chat system work for your organization?

Live chat

Live chat is an easy way to personally connect with website visitors in a nonintrusive way. It can be implemented without expensive infrastructure or costly setup. Imagine a new visitor comes to your organization’s website. Maybe they are curious about your mission, maybe they are already familiar with you, but have never invested a donation in your organization. If a proactive chat window popped up within their internet browser asking if they would like to chat with you about the organization, would they?

The benefits of a live chat can be tremendous! You may have the opportunity to share personally about your role in the organization or some of your favorite stories. You can also help the visitor navigate your website by transferring them to the donation page directly if they are interested. With modern chat technology, you can send these chats to your current instant messaging system or to your smartphone if you are on the go.  If you are currently busy and cannot chat, sign off and only the option to send an email will be available to your visitors.

There is no right or wrong way to implement a live chat system on your website. It may be very appropriate for one organization to have an automated chat message pop up and not for another. Some organizations may only want chat available if someone clicks on the chat button. Another may want it only on their Facebook page. The beauty of the system is that you create the rules for it. Once your web administrator adds the code to your organization’s website, all the changes can be made from a simple web interface. Setup your automated messages for specific pages that you know may spark questions. Be prepared to capture your visitors right when they are most interested. Be there to guide them through the process of starting a new monthly pledge or sign up to volunteer at an important event.

The bottom line is that personal appeals will never go out of date. If a live chat system is not a viable solution for your organization, brainstorm other ways to make online appeals more personal. I recommend taking a few minutes to check out at least one of the many live chat services. Not sure where to start? Head on over to SnapEngage.com and ask them to give you a quick demo. If you don’t think you’ll have much traffic, go with the free plan which offers 30 chats per month. Use personal appeals as much as possible, and if live chat might help out, give it a shot today!


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