About DonorSnap

We Couldn't Find Affordable, Easy, Scalable Donor Software

DonorSnap was originally written for a Non-Profit in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that found that spreadsheets were too inefficient, in-house programs were too complex for a part-time staff, Access Databases written by well meaning volunteers were never maintained and existing on-line packages were complicated and and too limiting as to the number of users for a basic price.

So We Built Our Own

The Board President of the nonprofit wanted a Donor Management software that was easy for the agency to use that would allow him to review the Fundraising activity from home or while traveling on business. He engaged his private corporate staff that had 10 years experience building internet based information systems for Fortune 500 companies and gave them the task of writing the software. The parameters were simple. It had to be written from the agency's perspective and not from an IT or accountants perspective. Simplicity in use was the overriding theme.

And Others Started Asking If They Could Use it Too

Once DonorSnap was up and running in a single user mode, it became apparent how superior it was to anything currently on the market. At that point, the Board President and IT Staff enlisted the help of an experience internet developer from San Francisco. This gentleman had previous experience and knowledge about developing products from his past experience launching successful websites, working as a Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist and working as VP of Product Development for one of the largest software development firms in the Bay area. He brought the perspective of the power of the internet and the knowledge of how to create a low cost solution. Together this group collaborated on the finer points of bringing a complete and secure product to the market. Nashotah Management, LLC was enlisted to help provide funding and DonorSnap was launched as a private enterprise.