Fundraising Management Software Comparison

Each nonprofit organization's software needs are unique. It is important to have fundraising software that meets the needs of your nonprofit without paying more than is justifiable for the services received. DonorSnap believes that we have developed an easy to use, affordable product that provides an excellent solution for most nonprofits.

We suggest that you make a list of your requirements in a donor management system. After your preparations, view multiple software demos prior to purchasing to make sure that it meets the needs of your organization.

Features Comparison Guide

  DonorSnap DonorPerfect Bloomerang
Pricing - 2,500 Contacts $59/month $159/month $199/month
Email Support Included $49/month extra Included
Phone Support $40/month exta $49/month extra $70/month extra
Email System
• Built In Yes No Yes
• Integration Constant Contact Constant Contact No
• Mail Merge Fields Yes Constant Contact Yes
• Delivery Tracking Yes Constant Contact Yes
QuickBooks Integration
• Desktop Yes, direct integration $29/mo extra to manually export/import No
• Online Yes, direct integration $29/mo extra No
Customizing Features
• User Defined Fields Yes Yes Yes
• Customized Grid View Yes No No
• Customized Page View Yes Partial No
Importing Data
• Import Contacts and Donations Yes Yes Yes
• Update portions of existing Donation or Contact Records Yes No No
• Undo an Excel Import Yes Revert to Backup Revert to Backup
Standard Donor Management Functions
• Donation Entry & Acknowledgement Yes Yes Yes
• Split Gift Entry Yes Yes No
• Report Builder Yes $29/mo extra Yes
• Multi-Currency No Yes No
Mass Donation Entry Yes $49/month extra No
Pledge Tracking Yes Yes Yes
Scheduled Reports Yes Extra No
Other Features
• Merge Duplicate Contacts Able to select fields within a contact Can't merge fields within contact records Can't merge fields within contact records
• Auto Email Board Members on receipt of Donations from Key Donors Yes No No
• Real time duplicate checking while entering new contacts Yes No No
• NCOA Bulk Address Verification Yes, free annually $295+ $425+
• Wealth and Philanthropy Rating Yes Extra Yes
• Document Storage Yes Extra No
• Quick Search Name and Address Yes Yes Yes
• Quick Search all fields in system Yes No - limited fields No
Online Forms
• Fully Customizable Yes Extra No
• Customizable Color Scheme Yes No HTML
• Mobile Friendly Yes Yes Yes
• Recurring Donations Yes Yes Yes
• Payment Processor goEmerchant Their own unknown
• Fees Will match best offer unkown unknown

*Information gathered from NTEN February 2017 Report, Company Website, G2 Crowd profile as of 4/27/18

Above is a features comparison of DonorPerfect and Boomerang that is based on information published at the time of comparison. Both DonorPerfect and Bloomerang are strong products, possessing their own unique features. DonorSnap matches up well with each product, yet is offered at a significantly lower cost due to a much lower marketing budget. Marketing expenses such as attending tradeshows, advertising in magazines and banner ads on web pages are all significant; attending one trade show can cost as much as $20,000. These added costs for marketing and advertising need to be built in to their product’s pricing.

The one important feature that can’t be quantified in a comparison chart is personal service. At DonorSnap you will be dealing with the same professionals that have been with the organization since its inception. Each one understands that each and every account is integral to our continued success. We grow organically, through word of mouth, and therefore need to be attentive to our customers’ needs. Our personalized attention is evident by our Zendesk* support response time: DonorSnap’s average response time is less than 2 hours for all questions. (This includes requests that come in during off peak hours such as the middle of the night and weekends). By comparison, the industry average response time, per Zendesk, is 18 hours. This significant disparity is evidence of the importance we place on our customers and the service we will continue to provide.

*Zendesk is the leading customer support software provider in the country.