Fundraising Management Software Comparison

Each nonprofit organization's software needs are unique. It is important to have fundraising software that meets the needs of your nonprofit without paying more than is justifiable for the services received. DonorSnap believes that we have developed an easy to use, affordable product that provides an excellent solution for most nonprofits.

We suggest that you make a list of your requirements in a donor management system. After your preparations, view multiple software demos prior to purchasing to make sure that it meets the needs of your organization.


Price is one major component of the process and it is typically very complex. Without a doubt, DonorSnap stands above the rest. We believe in fair and simple pricing rather than charging for each additional feature. Here is a sample price comparison amongst three of the leading online software solutions for a nonprofit that has 2,500 contacts and wants to have 3 users be able to access the system:

  • DonorSnap:
  • $ 708 (less if you pay by the year)
  • DonorPerfect:
  • $ 2,316
  • eTapestry:
  • $ 2,388

Other Important Questions to Ask:

  DonorSnap's Answer
1. Do you charge for site setup, data conversion, or data cleanup? DonorSnap charges $200. This includes setup, conversion, and private training.
2. Do you charge for additional users? DonorSnap doesn’t.
3. Which advanced features/modules are excluded from the base cost? DonorSnap is all-inclusive.
4. Is support included in the pricing and is a contract required? Support is always included with DonorSnap and there are no long-term contracts.
5. Do you charge for access to your video help library? DonorSnap doesn’t.