Will DonorSnap be a Good Fit for Your Organization?

Can DonorSnap Help Your Organization?

DonorSnap donor management software was started by an unsatisfied nonprofit. The existing systems, their capabilities, and their complex pricing systems were all centered around the company offering them, and not around nonprofit organizations. Our close ties with nonprofits keep us grounded to the mindset of managing donor cultivation and fundraising activities. We intentially keep our costs down and pass the savings directly to you. It's our way of giving back.

With all that said, DonorSnap is a great fit for any non-profit that actively tracks and communicates with donors, potential donors, volunteers, members, or any other types of "Contacts". Do you do fundraising letters and appeals? Or newsletters and campaign mailings? Then you can benefit from DonorSnap.

The size of the organization doesn't matter as much as the mindset of the organization. If you want to consolidate and monitor all of your contact activity in one spot, DonorSnap will work for you.

Organization Capabilities

To effectively use DonorSnap you need to have someone who is coordinating your Donor/Contact management to initially make some decisions about how you'd like to set up DonorSnap. Once it is initially configured (this could take as little as 10 minutes) the task of updating the system can be delegated to paid staff or volunteers. The hardest part of any donor management system is ensuring that you have good data in your system. DonorSnap can help you organize, sort, and report your data in a multitude of ways. However, it can't ensure the quality of your data. An organization needs to have an individual responsible for deciding what information to save, how you want to save it, and how you want to share it with others in the organization.

Organization Type

DonorSnap is designed to capture all of the critical information associated with Contact/Donor management.

The general purpose of your organization doesn't matter as much as how you want to interact with your contacts/donors. Any organization that engages in newsletters, fundraisers, campaigns or appeals can utilize DonorSnap. DonorSnap will accommodate most all of your needs. If your organization is a large fee for service organization, however, DonorSnap would be appropriate for your fund development activities but a traditional accounting package such as Quickbooks would be suit your fee for service activity more appropriately.


Looking for references? Contact us we'll connect you with an organization similar to yours.