Easy Donor Management Software

Easy to Get Started

There's no excuse to not get started using DonorSnap Donor Management Software today. Our data conversion experts can transfer your data into your new database from any system you may be using. We work hard alongside of you during the conversion process to make sure your data is clean and useable. After all, what good is a database if the data within it isn't clean and organized?

Intuitive to Use

Donor management systems are complex databases due to all of the different types of data that needs to be maintained. It has been the number one goal of DonorSnap since the software was created to provide an extremely easy to use software system so that even the most basic computer users can be trained and comfortable in a matter of hours. The user interface is clean and consistent with a common grid layout and controls for each data table. Once you learn one area of the software, it carries over into the next.

Easy on the Budget

Easy pricing doesn't just mean that we keep the prices low, it means that we keep the pricing simple. For all new sites, there is a $200 site setup fee. This includes setup, 4 hours of data conversion, and private training. After setup, when you see that for up to 1,000 contacts the price is $39/month, the price is $39/month. You don't need to calculate any additional features, users, or modules. All of our upgrades and customer support is built into the cost. DonorSnap also includes a mass email allowance large enough to send at least two mass emails to every contact in your database each month.

If you do choose to use some of our integrations with other software systems such as Constant Contact or goEmerchant for credit card processing, please note that these are separate from the DonorSnap system. These companies may charge you for their services according to their own pricing plans. However, we do not charge any fees for using these optional integrations.