Nonprofit Accounting Software Cooperation

Reconcile all donations with any accounting software in a flash. Never do duplicate entry again.

Use the Right Tool

Your accounting software was never meant to be a donor management system and DonorSnap isn’t meant to be an accounting software package. Each one has a specific function and, with the exception of recording total donations, they are mutually exclusive. Your accounting software needs to know how much was donated to the organization and probably the category (accounting code) of the donation. DonorSnap acts as your “subsidiary ledger” (a term that your accountant will understand) to keep track of the details regarding who gave the donation and when. If you utilize the DonorSnap donation report to update your accounting records (monthly, quarterly or annually depending on your accountant) the two systems will be perfectly in sync.

Donations Received Summary

This is a standard DonorSnap report that will categorize the donations received for a specific period of time based upon the accounting code entered with the donation. This report is all your accountant needs to make a journal entry into your accounting system to record your total donations for a period of time. If in the future, someone wishes to see the details of the journal entry, they can review a saved copy of the report (it should be attached to your journal entry for proper support) or visit DonorSnap and rerun the report.