Backups and Security

Redundant backups, multiple data storage locations, and secure hosting keep your data safe.

Safe and Sound Data Management

DonorSnap takes a carefully thought out and layered approach to both the security of your data and its backup and storage. Access to the data via the internet requires a Site Code, User ID, and Password. The Site Administrator for each organization controls who has access to the data, what data they can see, and how they can interact with the data. DonorSnap does not use or share any organization's data. Only people with authorization from the Site Administrator can use the data.

DonorSnap’s servers are located in a secured building and managed by a third party who specializes in hosting servers for businesses. The physical server is in a specially built environmentally controlled building that limits access only to select employees and escorted customers. The facility has multiple power sources, HVAC systems and Fiber Optic connections designed to provide the highest degree of assurance for uninterrupted up time.

DonorSnap backs up client databases each evening and stores them off-site using a professional cloud storage service provider. The service provider stores multiple copies of the data on multiple servers in geographically diverse location.  This provides an additional layer of assurance should a natural catastrophe strike one of their server centers. These nightly backups are maintained for 60 days.


Authorized Users

The Site Administrator determines who is an authorized user of your organization’s DonorSnap database. They can add, modify or delete users as the needs of the organization dictate. A unique feature of DonorSnap is the ability to have an unlimited number of users for no incremental cost.

Controlling What a User Can Do

In addition to authorizing an individual to access the DonorSnap system, the site administrator can also determine which of the screens a user can see, whether they can modify or only read the data and which functions they can perform.