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Contact Management Features

  • Address Management

    Address Management

    Manage multiple addresses for any contact in your database.

  • Affiliations and Relationships

    Affiliations and Relationships

    Track the relationships and affiliations of contacts with direct linking.

  • Contact Records

    Contact Records

    Track almost any type of data you would like for each person in your database and view it all on the contact's record.

  • Custom User Defined Fields

    Custom User Defined Fields

    Add almost an unlimited amount of user defined field in any table of your database. Customize your database exactly how you want to.

  • Dashboard Apps

    Dashboard Apps

    Customize your dashboard with apps to streamline your donor management tasks.

  • DonorSnap Mobile App

    DonorSnap Mobile App

    Access your DonorSnap records from your iPhone® or iPad® any time you need it.

  • Event Registrations

    Event Registrations

    Create custom online forms to help you manage event registrations.

  • Excel Import

    Excel Import

    Import your data on a mass basis from a spreadsheet. Import contacts, donations, and more in a flash!

  • Grid Sorting and Filtering

    Grid Sorting and Filtering

    The standard grid interface has been implemented in almost all areas of the database. Sort, filter, and find exactly the information you want.

  • Interaction Tracking

    Interaction Tracking

    Keep track of interactions specific to your organization. Manage event attendance, invitations sent, site visits, and more.

  • Linked Fields

    Linked Fields

    Link user defined fields on activity records to automatically update a field on the main contact page. It's perfect for generating membership dates.

  • Membership Management

    Membership Management

    Keep track of membership level, dates, and pull reports to see which members should be notified of an expiring term.

  • Merge Duplicates

    Merge Duplicates

    Find and merge duplicate contacts to keep your data clean and your expenses down.

  • Moves Management

    Moves Management

    Set up your own system to track your prospecting and donor cultivation so that you can efficiently fundraise.

  • Multiple Name Household

    Multiple Name Household

    Personalize communication to households with multiple last names.

  • Notes System

    Notes System

    Write freeform notes to help you know exactly where your relationship stands.

  • Online Forms

    Online Forms

    Create additional forms for any number of uses such as change of address, volunteer sign ups, email subscriptions, and more.

  • Organization Contact

    Organization Contact

    Assign contacts to specific staff members and use it to limit the visible records to only that user's contacts.

  • Persona


    Manage multiple people in one company or household and track individual interests, volunteer activity, donation activity, and more.

  • Quick Search

    Quick Search

    Quickly search through your entire database with a single search box.

  • Screen Layout Customization

    Screen Layout Customization

    Customize each table grid and data entry page for each user individually or set site defaults.

  • Tickler Reminder System

    Tickler Reminder System

    Set up calendar reminders and email notifications to help with prospecting, due dates, and other important tasks.

  • Volunteer Tracking

    Volunteer Tracking

    Track volunteer hours, activities, and interests even when they are donors as well.