Contact Records

Track almost any type of data you would like for each person in your database and view it all on the contact's record.

Customize Your Contact Information

DonorSnap provides over 50 standard fields for each contact record that covers all of the basic donor information you may want to capture. However, we realize that every organization is unique and needs to know specific information about contacts that may be unique to the organization. DonorSnap allows you to create user defined fields on any of our information screens. This enables the organization to track any information that it considers vital.

View Contact Records

Opening one or more contact records in the grid is an easy way to see records side by side. Alternatively, you can click the "Contact" tab to display only the selected contact record. All black fields are DonorSnap system fields that are pre-configured for all databases. You have the option to hide or disable any of these fields as well as add any user defined fields you may need which are displayed in blue.