Event Registrations

Create custom online forms to help you manage event registrations.

Automate the Registration Process

Use the DonorSnap online form tool to create a custom event registration web page for your organization. You can add a link to this page from your organizations website or include the link in an email to your mailing list. Better yet, build a list of the golfers in your database and use Constant Contact to send a professional looking email campaign that includes your event registration link. The best part of the process is that the registration information collected is automatically captured in your DonorSnap database. This helps eliminate maintaining multiple lists and excess time required to re-enter data.


Sample Registration Page

Create as many web forms as you would like and modify them as needed. There is no charge for creating or changing a web page. It’s all integrated into the DonorSnap system and yours to use with your account.

If you need to modify the form after you've already embedded it in your website, your website will immediately display the updated changes. There is no need to get the web developer involved another time.

Ask any questions you need to

These forms are based on the fields in your database, so any information you need to track can be added to a form. Build forms as simple or as comprehensive as you need for the specific type of event you are hosting.


Registration forms can also include payment using our integration with goEmerchant.

Credit Card or ACH Payments

Your donor’s credit card information will not be captured by DonorSnap but will automatically be collected, verified and processed by the payment processor. Once the transaction is complete, the processor will deposit the funds in your checking account. They are PCI compliant and ensure the safe guarding of your donor’s information.