Grid Sorting and Filtering

The standard grid interface has been implemented in almost all areas of the database. Sort, filter, and find exactly the information you want.

Don’t Lose the Forest for the Trees

DonorSnap makes extensive use of what we call grid views for your data. This appearance is very similar to an Excel spreadsheet and allows you to get a quick overview of your data allowing you to have a “big” picture. Often it’s helpful to see an overview of your data to get a general idea of trends, patterns or sequences. Using the DonorSnap grid is an excellent way to do this. Almost all grids in DonorSnap function identically. This greatly reduces the learning time required to master DonorSnap.

Sorting & Filtering

You can quickly sort your data by clicking on any column heading. Sort on multiple columns by clicking on them in the order you’d like them sorted. Filtering is just as easy to accomplish. Type the filter information into the box under the heading and then click on the type of filter you’d like to apply. This combination of tools lets you quickly view your database to look for errors, missing data or find information based on partial data. When you are done you can leave the page or click on the buttons to clear the filters and the sorts.

Seeing the Trees in the Forest

Once you’ve done your overview, you’ll want to drill down into detail data. On all DonorSnap grids this is easily accomplished by clicking the expand arrow on the left side of the grid. Click the icon once and you open up all the detail in a record. Click it again and you collapse the detail.