Initial Training

After your data has been loaded you'll receive a private training for your organization that will get your team up and running right away.

Personalized Training

After your data has been converted, your organization will receive a private webinar to get you acquainted with DonorSnap and the basics of the system. The training will be done with our live database to help you understand where to find data, how to record transactions, how to process letters and how to look for data.  You are encouraged to go into DonorSnap prior to the session to get familiar with your data and to prepare questions that are specific to your organization. Generally we find that with the intuitiveness of the system and the availability of specific help videos on each page, that this is sufficient for most organizations.

This training session is recorded and a link to that video is provided to the organization. It can be downloaded and used to review the training for additional clarity or for training new staff members.

In addition to the one on one session, DonorSnap offers training sessions almost every week that cover specific features or general system use.  These trainings are also recorded and available free of charge to any DonorSnap user.

Lastly, if your organization would like more in-depth training, we do offer additional personal training courses for a nominal fee. We have found that very few organizations require these trainings and they are usually provided when there has been a changeover in the development staff.