Linked Fields

Link user defined fields on activity records to automatically update a field on the main contact page. It's perfect for generating membership dates.

Share Information Between Tables

The benefit of automation is that you only need to enter data once. DonorSnap allows you to create user defined fields in your contact master record that are linked to your donation data. This linking ensures that information entered for a donation automatically updates the user defined field in the contact master. For membership organizations, this allows you to record the donation and update the membership expiration date on one screen as opposed to having to jump to a second screen to record the new expiration date.

Linking Fields is Easy

During site set up simply tell DonorSnap to link the data from a user defined field in an activity table to a user defined field in the contact master. Once the link is established, DonorSnap will update the contact master every time the Donation is updated.

Enter Data Only Once

Entering and posting a donation to the contacts file will automatically update data in the linked fields. In this example, Membership PD Till was entered as 7/18/2013 on the donation record. Once updated, the Membership Expiration on the contact master record is also updated to 7/18/2013