Organization Contact

Assign contacts to specific staff members and use it to limit the visible records to only that user's contacts.

Only DonorSnap Has It

DonorSnap has a unique feature that allows you to assign an organization contact to any or all of your contact records. This organization contact could very well be the board member that introduced the contact to your organization. Once an organization contact has been assigned, you can take advantage of report selection features. This will enable you to print out reports for the organization contact to allow them to see only their key donor activities.

In addition to reporting, the organization contact is also used to send timely donation activity reports so that the board member can be kept abreast of their key donors' contributions in a timely manner. Lastly, the system has built in security features that can allow access to DonorSnap but only to contacts listed to a specific organization contact. This allows individuals to only see a subset of the entire DonorSnap database.