Quick Search

Quickly search through your entire database with a single search box.

Search any field in your database

Your database holds an incredible amount of information that is all organized and sorted carefully into separate fields. Storing each piece of data in a separate field makes it possible to run queries, reports, and mail merge letters. Unfortunately, this can make searching difficult if you do not know which field the data is stored in. Quick Search bypasses this problem and lets you search any or every field at once.

Just search...

There's really not much to say. Click search and enter your search string. Double click on one of the results to go directly to that record.

Customize search settings

Each user can customize the searchable fields for their user account. This is especially helpful if tasks are delegated between staff members. If one person only manages names and addresses, deselect all of the other fields to make Quick Search more effective for that user. All database fields are eligible for Quick Search.