Screen Layout Customization

Customize each table grid and data entry page for each user individually or set site defaults.

Show Only the Information You Need to See

DonorSnap is packed with over 140 standard fields on the various data entry screens. In addition to the standard fields, organizations can add several hundred user defined fields. All of this information can create cluttered screens that are not intuitively useable. DonorSnap allows the organization to customize each screen view to show only the information that they are interested in. It is counterproductive to have a field on the screen that will never be used.

Customize the Screen Grids

Each data grid in DonorSnap can be customized to show the information the organization wants in the order they want to see it. The grids can be tailored for the organization as a whole or each user can create their own customized grid. It’s easy to add and remove fields from the grid view, which is a useful tool for maintaining the integrity of your database. You can add a field to the grid view to quickly search for missing data (such as state or zip code) and then just as easily remove the field for day to day use.

Customize the Page View

The site administrator can customize the standard page view for each screen and can create a customize screen view for specific users. This is a useful tool if the organization utilizes volunteers to help maintain the database. Certain fields (such as life to date donations) can be removed from specific users’ page views to keep information confidential if desired.