User Access Rights

Limit the access of specific users to certain areas or fields and customize their screen layouts.

Each user can be set up with the default site settings or be given customized user access rights. With custom user access rights, volunteers can be given user accounts and given permission to track their own hours without seeing any additional information in your database. Give read only access to your board memebers so they can watch donor activity, but not accidentally change any data.

Tables and Features Access

For some users, you will only need to change the macro level user rights. Quickly assign the access level to each area or tool. You can also choose to limit which individual contacts they can access based on their organization contact. Using this feature, you will be able to allow certain staff members to keep track of their own contacts without allowing them to check on fellow staff members' contacts.

Field Level Security

For some scenarios, you may want to give broad access to a user, but hide specific fields from their view. This is an easy way to allow a user to see or edit only the data they need to have access to.

In other situations, staff memebers will use the database in different ways to accomplish differing goals. Your development staff may never use fields that the executive director finds useful and vice-versa. Use field level adjustments per user to remove clutter and streamline collaborative operations.