Custom User Defined Fields

Customize your database by adding User Defined Fields. Track any data that your organization needs to.

Capture the Information Your Organization Needs

DonorSnap allows you to customize your database to capture the information that you consider important for your organization to track. We allow you to capture date fields, text fields, numeric fields, Yes/No fields, single select lookups (drop down fields), and multiple select lookups for any of our data screens.

User Defined Fields on any Page

DonorSnap allows you to set up User Defined fields on any of the DonorSnap data screens. When setting up your system simply select the DonorSnap data page from the drop down list.

Create the Fields You Need

DonorSnap allows you to easily add, modify or delete any User Defined field. Create the name of the field and pick the type of data you want to store in the field. You can even enter a default for the field. DonorSnap will keep the data organized for you and make sure that only valid information is entered into a field. This will help create consistency in your data files when multiple users are entering information.

Create Valid Lookup Options

DonorSnap lets you designate the valid choices for either the single select or multi select data types. You can add, modify, inactivate or delete your choices as the organization evolves. If you need to merge multiple choices together at a later date, it can be done in just a couple clicks. You can also decide the order in which they will show when the drop down is selected.