April 2010 Tips and Tricks

Using Your User Defined Fields

  • Most organizations will only need the original 12 User Defined Fields that show up on the Main Contact Screen
  • If you need more, there is a User Defined Tab that will show up once you add them
  • The User Site Setup is located under Maintenance/Site Setup

Site Setup:

  • Site Information: This is your Billing information and Number of Contacts that you have on your site
  • User Defined Setup: This is where you setup your User Defined Fields for the User Defined Tab as well as for the Original 12 that show up on the Main Contact Screen
  • User Defined Tab Of Contacts Page: This is to set up User Defined Fields for the New User Defined Tab
  • Lookups for Controls Setup in User Defined Tab of Contacts Page:  If you create User Defined Fields for the New User Defined Tab, this is where you create your lists/drop down choices.
  • Contacts Tab of Contacts Page: This is where the Original 12 User Defined Fields are that will show up on the Main Contact Page.  There are still 3 date, 3 Text, 3 Yes/No and 3 Lookup.  To create your drop down choices for the 3 Lookups that is still located in the same spot under Maintenance/Lists.
  • Contact Screen Default Screen: This is the default viewing that will show up on the Main Listing Screen under Community/Contacts.  Each user can personalize their Main Listing screen view by going to Home/User Defined Settings.
  • Email: This is where you set-up the Email body for Acknowledgement Emails that can be sent to Organization Contacts, Email body for Ticklers and Email body for Pledges.


*Remember to use the “Help” Screen from within DonorSnap for step by step instructions, video tutorials and if you cannot find your answers or have a technical problem, please email us from there so that you get the quickest response.