August 2010 Tips and Tricks

Have You Noticed These New Features?

1. Customer Login Link
Are you ever away from your computer and can’t remember how to get into your DonorSnap site? Look at the top right corner of any page and you will find that we added a “Customer Login” link.

2. Who Has Never Donated?
Export an Excel Spreadsheet of Names of Contacts that Have Never Donated:
Go to Reports/Donation Activity/Excel Export Giving & Non-Giving

3. Multiple Selection Drop Down Boxes
User Defined Lookup/Drop Down Choice,  where you can select Multiple Drop down choices:
Go to Maintenance/Site Setup/User Defined Setup/User Defined Tab of Contacts Page.  Add New Record now includes the Control of Lookup (Multiple Select Dropdownlist).  This is great if you are looking to track more than one attribute under one category.

4. Data Collection Form
Have you had an event, newsletter, or any other need to collect information from your website visitors? Use or free tool to take care of it for you. Visit our Data Collection Form page for more details. 

Helpful Tips and Tricks

1. Sort Your Contact Listings
When on the Main Listing Screen did you know if you click on the Column Header one time it will reorganize in ascending order and then if you click on it a second time it will reorganize it in descending order.  Try this in other areas of DonorSnap like Data Miner before you export to excel or the Donation Tab Historical Box,  click on the Date Received Header or Amount.

2. Have You Tried DataMiner Platinum Yet? 
There are “How to Videos” along the way and some Templates set up for you, which you will see once you click on +Add new record under Template.

3. Free Tools Page
As our Customers we want you to take advantage of our “Free Tools” too.  Go to our Free Tools page to check them out. We will periodically update them, so make sure to sign up to receive email updates whenever we make changes.

4. Using Quickbooks, Peachtree or any other Accounting Program? 
Create the Codes that you use in your Accounting Program Under the Accounting Code area on the Donation Tab and just pull a report monthly to enter one total into your program.  With DonorSnap you no longer have to duplicate your Donation Entries but you can still very easily keep track of your incoming Donations with one single entry in your Accounting Program as you choose. Click to read about accounting software integration with DonorSnap in more detail.

5. Run Your Duplicates Report
Yes it is hard to believe that the 3rd Quarter of the year is just around the corner, so don’t forget to run your Duplicates Report to keep your Database clean.  Go to Reports/Administrative Reports/Duplicates Report.