February 2010 Tips and Tricks

Export Email Addresses from Your Database Using DataMiner Gold

**Note: This query can now be run using DataMiner Platinum with additional constraints to create extremely targeted lists**

Go to Reports/Data Miner

Step 1: Batch Listing; Add New Batch and create your Header and Description and then Save.  Then go to View to pull up the Batch that you just created to set up your Search Criteria.

Step 2: Query Items; Operation/+, Record/Contact Master, Field/E-Mail, Op Code/Contains, Value/@ and then click on insert.  The easiest way to pull email addresses is to look for the "@" because every valid email address in your system will have that.




Op Code


Contact Master


Contains ...


Step 3: Include Fields; You probably just want to export the Contact First Name, Last Name, Company Name and Email Address.  Make sure to click on SAVE CHANGES before moving to the next step.

Step 4: Remove Individual Records; This step is optional.  You can remove records before exporting to Excel if you would like.  If you delete any of the records make sure to click on SAVE REMOVE CHANGES before moving to the next step.

Step 5: View Batch Records; This step is also optional, but it is nice to take a quick glance before exporting to double check that you have included the fields that you want to export.  If you find that you are missing a field you can go back to Step 3.

Export to Excel and Save to your Computer, so that you can Import to your Email Provider.

Most Email Providers allow you to Import From Excel.  Data Miner Batches are Saved, so you don't need to set up another Batch the next time you would like to extract email addresses with the same search criteria.  Each time you Export to Excel from Data Miner the Search will be updated with any new records or changes that were made.  So next time you need to create a Mass Email list, just go back into Data Miner and Export the same search to Excel and save it to your computer again (You can skip Steps 1-5).  As long as your Email provider has a duplicate name recognition you should be able to re-import your excel spreadsheet each time you need to send out an email and it will update any changes and add any new records.

**Some of our DonorSnap Users have recommended these Email Providers.  If you are working with another provider that is meeting your needs, we would love to add them to our list, so just let us know: 

  • Vertical Response (allows up to 10,000 free emails/mo. for Non-Profit Organizations)
  • Mail Chimp (allows up to 3000 free emails/mo. for anyone)
  • Constant Contact
  • IContact