January 2010 Tips and Tricks

Generate Individual Tax Contribution Statements

With Tax Season just around the Corner, we thought this might be helpful:

  1. Go into the Individual you need.
  2. Go to their Donation Tab
  3. At the Bottom of the Donation Tab you will see "Contribution Statement Report".   Click on that and choose the date range you would like for generating their Individual Statement.  You can then export it to PDF to either save & email as an attachment or print & send out.  

Generating Individual Contribution Statements on a Mass Basis:

  1. Go To Reports/Donation Activity/Contribution Statement
  2. You can also Generate these Reports based on Donation Type if necessary

Duplicate Entry Cleanup

Duplicate Name Report: Go To Reports/Administrative Reports/Duplicate Report

**This is great timing and a nice way to clean up your database for the start of the new year.  So you have to check this one out! 

  • You can only delete a record that doesn’t have any information tied to it; it can only consist of a name and address. 
  • If something exists on any of the other tabs you will first have to delete that information before you can delete that duplicate record. 
  • This is a safe-guard for you, so that you don’t delete donations, notes, volunteer records or anything else. 
  • If there is important information you will still need, make sure to move it over to the record you will be keeping first before deleting it.

New Reports Available

Notes Report: Go To Reports/Notes Report. 
The Notes Tab is a great place to keep track of important information about your contacts that doesn’t fit anywhere else within DonorSnap.  Some of our users also use this as a place for Grant Tracking and just create a Note drop down choice called, Grants.  Other users create drop down choices that are just specific to their organization, but now they can pull a Report based on that category.

Total Giving Report: Go To Reports/Giving Report. 
This is a great way for you to see a contacts total giving which includes straight donations along with pledges and will show you if there are any outstanding pledge balances.  Other Pledge Reports will be added to DonorSnap very soon as well, so we will keep you posted.