June 2010 Tips and Tricks

Exciting Additions and Upgrades to DonorSnap

Donation Received Report: Go To Reports/Donation Activity/Donation Received.  

  • Added Sorting for Donation Type, Campaign and Appeal Code
  • Changed Dropdown for Donation Type to Mover Box
  • Added Checkbox for Anonymous Donations (Last Name shows “Anonymous Donor if Anonymous is marked yes on the Donation Tab)

Main Contact Listing Screen: Under Community/Contacts, New User Defined Fields are available to view if you created a User Defined Tab.

  • Go to Home/User Defined Settings to set up the columns you would like to view and choose which order you would like them to be in.  Remember, each user can set up their view at this location as well as set up their personal Excel Export Option.

Donation Strata Report: Go To Reports/Fund Development Analysis/Donations Strata. 

  • Added More Fields to Export To Excel

Acknowledgement Email:  Go To Maintenance/Site Setup/Email:

  • Added Acknowledgement CC to E-Mail

Manage Multiple Documents & Labels:  Go To Processing/Manage Multiple Documents & Labels

  • When setting up your letters under Create/Edit Document we changed the brackets around the mail merge codes from to be the same as the mail merge code brackets on Microsoft Word.  You can now cut and paste from Microsoft Word to DonorSnap.


**Suggestion:  Whenever we add a new report, check your User Setup.  Go to Maintenance/User Setup and double check each of your users.  For security purposes, we don’t want to give each of your users access to newly added reports.  Specifically check out if you have access to the Affiliated Report under Available Reports, because we have received a number of emails with questions about this one.


DonorSnap launches DataMiner Platinum: An Advanced Query Tool in Powerful Fundraising Software

The latest update to DonorSnap fundraising management software is a powerful query tool for basic users and advanced programmers alike. Users can export any information stored within their database to Excel in precisely the way they want it.

DonorSnap provides an inexpensive but powerful online fundraising management software program for both donor management and membership management. DataMiner Platinum is integrated into the DonorSnap system and is available free to DonorSnap users. This new query tool allows users to export any amount of data in a custom, organized manner. Most query tools offered by fundraising software companies are simple filters applied to data. These filters have many limitations on which fields can be exported. DataMiner Platinum is not bound by simple filtering techniques, but also allows complex logic queries for the most advanced users. This query tool allows deep data analysis that was previously only possible for nonprofits using fundraising management systems that cost tens of thousands of dollars.

A tool like this can seem a little intimidating to inexperienced users. That is why DonorSnap has provided standard templates to get new users started on useful queries. Templates include identifying lapsed donors and preparing address data to be exported for cleaning and validation. Inexperienced computer users will be able to quickly and easily select data for exporting to Excel without any prior computer training. DataMiner Platinum query tool screenshots show how easy it is to get started using advanced queries.

Another unique feature is the output review grid. Users can preview their query before exporting to make sure the selection is in fact the data desired. In this screen users can also apply additional sorting and filtering or select specific records to exclude from the final output. This feature extends forgiveness to new users without having to export multiple times. Once the query is narrowed down, users will save their changes. A saved query can be run again any time without having to rebuild it.

With this new upgrade, DonorSnap users can export their data in any way they please. Select key individuals from their database to invite to an event based on how much they have given in the past or for specific campaigns. Print a report that shows which donors have changed their giving significantly in positive or negative ways. Create a special donor recognition report based upon timing and donation amounts. List tickler items that will be due within the next 30 days and sort it according to the person responsible for completing the task. Examine volunteer activity or see who should be billed for membership renewal. Easily see an overview of their current contact history by listing recent notes or interactions that have been added to the database without manually digging. Every organization has different needs that are specific to their goals. DonorSnap using DataMiner Platinum was created exactly for that purpose. A small budget can no longer hold nonprofits back from analyzing their data in exactly the way they want.

DataMiner Platinum is available free to all users of DonorSnap donor management software. The entry level pricing for the complete package is $40 per month for nonprofits with up to 5,000 contacts. Risk free trials are available for 30 days to all new customers.