March 2010 Tips and Tricks

Acknowledgment Letters & Labels

The original Letter System will remain available but now you have an upgraded option. 

Go To Processing/Manage Multiple Documents and Labels
Features include:

  • Multiple Letter choice with Acknowledgements
  • Address Labels with Acknowledgments
  • Letters and Labels with a Data Miner Search
  • Name Badges
  • Shipping Labels
  • Archiving of Letters & Labels

Affiliated Tab and Reports

Go To Reports/Affiliated Report

Why Do I want to use the Affiliated Tab?

  1. You can link 2 or more contacts together while keeping separate records on them.
  2. You may want to do this for a Parent and Child(ren) that you want to have separate records in DonorSnap for, or you may want to Associate a number of people together whether it be because they all work together, they are spouses, they are cousins or they are friends….it is totally up to you on how and if it is necessary for you to use this tab. 

How Do I use the Affiliated Tab?

  1. Parent/Child:  When in the record that is the Parent, go into the “Affiliated” tab.  Click Add New Record at the bottom.   Under Affiliation choose Child in the drop down box.   Go over to the Contact and either find the Child with the drop down arrow or start typing the name in the box until it appears.  There is a comment box if you choose to enter something there.  Then click on Insert to save it.  Once you have added that child to the affiliated list you can click on the blue number next to their name and it will take you to their record.  Now if you click on that child’s affiliated tab it will show the Parent record that you were just in.
  2. Associate: You use the same steps as the Parent/Child relationship; however, you are choosing Associate in the dropdown box for the Affiliation choice.  You can choose as many Associates as you would like.

Some of following features are yet to follow with this new Tab:

  1. When doing a data miner search, you will be able to designate whether you want just the Parents named to be pulled.  This will be helpful if you have a number of records under one address, but you only want to send one newsletter let’s say.  This would work the same if you have a spouses set up as associate and you only want to mail one newsletter.
  2. Ranking of Associates so that when pulling names for a mailing you can choose to mail the highest on the Associate Ranking.  For example if you have a business with many employees that also are on your donor list you can choose to mail to just one person who is the highest ranking associate.