May 2010 Tips and Tricks

Basic How To’s for Creating and Processing Multiple Letters and Labels

Go To Processing/Manage Multiple Documents and Labels

Creating and Editing Documents and Labels:

  1. Document Listing: We have included 5 Template Samples
    • Choose Add New Record at Upper Left
    • Choose the Document Type from the Drop Down Box that you would like to create
    • Create a Document Name
    • If the document and/or label you are creating is for a Data Miner Search, choose the Data Miner Search you are working with from the Drop Down Box under Data Miner Batch
    • Save by clicking on the Check Mark at the Left side of the Row
  2. Create/Edit Document:
    • From the List of Documents choose the one you are looking to work with and click on Create/Edit Document
    • Pick your Mail Merge Codes and just Drag and Drop into your letter or label and Save
  3. Review Data and Merge:
    • This is where you can designate which contacts you want to generated with your selected document.  Unselect any of those you would not like and Save Changes
    • Generate PDF when you are ready to print the letter or labels
    • Once you Generate the PDF, that operation will show up under Update Acknowledgement Flag and PDF Archive. Keep in mind; each time you click on Generate PDF, it automatically creates an Archive on the Update Acknowledge Flag and PDF Archive Tab. 
  4. Update Acknowledge Flag and PDF Archive:
    • This is where you can find an Archive of all of the letters and labels and review the PDF if you would like
    • To Update the Acknowledgement for Donations, Click on Acknowledge under Update Flag.  
    • ONLY do this when you are done generating all of your Letters and Labels for that specific Acknowledgement Batch.  This will create an archive and update the Acknowledgement in each Individual Donation Record and clear out the Dashboard Acknowledgements needing to be processed.


Tips for Working with Acknowledgement Word Documents and Managing Multiple Documents & Labels Feature

  • When enerating Acknowledgement Letters and or Labels for Donations, remember that there are 2 places to update the Acknowledgment Flag on DonorSnap, and once you acknowledge the donations in either place it clears them out on both.  Both locations are tied together when it comes to updating the acknowledgement. So make sure you have processed all of your letters and labels before acknowledging the donations in either location. The two places for updating acknowledgements are under the original letter system; Processing/Acknowledgement Word Document (Process) Feature by clicking on the box next to Update Acknowledgement Flag and now the second place is under the Update Acknowledgement Flag and PDF Archive within the Manage Multiple Documents & Labels Feature.
  • Whenever you click on generate at the Review Data and Merge Tab, it creates an archive. There may be times that you generate a letter or label and want to go back and make changes before printing it, so keep in mind that when you click on generate again, it will create another archive. As a recommendation to keep your archives clean, you may want to review the Update Acknowledgement Flag and PDF Archive Tab at the end of each task and delete any that you may not want to archive.
  • You can use the original Acknowledgement Word Document System in conjunction with the New Manage Multiple Documents & Labels System if you would like. You can still generate Acknowledgement Letters on the original system and generate the labels on the new system.
  • Each letter and label contains their own archive within the Update Acknowledge Flag and PDF Archive Tab. You can view each one by first choosing it on the Document Listing Tab and then going to the Update Acknowledge Flag and PDF Archive Tab.