November 2010 Tips and Tricks

  1. Recently Added Features
  2. DonorSnap Badge and Referral Bonus Program
  3. Year End Gifts? Run Your Duplicates Report!

Recently Added Features

Don't miss out on the latest features that have been added to DonorSnap. Here is a quick recap:

Batch Codes (multiple acknowledgement letters):
Process multiple acknowledgement letters by assigning a batch code to your donations. If you find yourself wishing that you could send out letters specific to each kind of donation, make sure you take a closer look. Batch codes should be assigned for each donation as it is entered. You use this code during the printing process so that you can select a specific batch of donations to associate with a specific donation letter. The process is quick, easy, and very efficient. Best of all, this is all done right from within DonorSnap! Read more or watch the Batch Letters Video.

Merge Contacts:
Any organization that does a lot of data entry knows that from time to time there will be duplicate entries. In DonorSnap, a contact cannot be deleted if there are any donations, tickler items, notes, or other records tied to a contact. You must first delete the records before you can delete the contact. The new Merge Contacts tool will allow you to combine duplicates, instead of searching and deleting each record one by one.

Find the new tool under Maintenance > Merge Contact or watch the Merge Contacts Video.

Excel Import:
Our Excel Import feature has been available for a while now, but have you noticed that you can now import to the following tables:

  • Contacts
  • Address
  • Donation
  • Pledge
  • Interaction
  • Tickler
  • Volunteer
  • Notes

If the Excel Import feature still intimidates you, watch our Excel Import Overview Video to help you out.

Excel Update:
Now you can use the simplicity and speed of Excel to make changes to data within a DonorSnap contact record. Using this method, you can replace the contents of any field that is found on the Contact Tab or User Defined Field Tab. If you need to make a mass change to a large number of contacts, combine DataMiner Platinum with Excel Update and you can be finished in a matter of minutes. View examples or watch the Excel Update Video.


DonorSnap Badge and Referral Bonus

If you missed the memo about our new Referral Bonus Program, find out how we want to reward you for doing what you have already been doing. Visit the Referral Bonus Program page on our website.

Using our new DonorSnap Badge is an easy way to put a link to us on your website and take advantage of the bonus program. Just give the html code to your website administrator and you can be ready to go in a few seconds.

Donor management made easy with DonorSnap
Click here to receive the html code for the medium DonorSnap badge.

Donor management made easy with DonorSnap
Click here to receive the html code for the small DonorSnap badge.


Year End Gifts? Run Your Duplicates Report

Are you gearing up for your year end ask yet? Don't waste resources sending multiple letters to the same person by mistake. Clean out your duplicates to stay ahead of the game. This is also a great chance to try out our new Merge Contacts tool. Make sure you watch the Merge Contacts Video before you give it a try.

Duplicate Name Report: Go To Reports/Administrative Reports/Duplicate Report

If you choose to not use the Merge Contacts Tool, remember the following:

  • You can only delete a record that doesn’t have any information tied to it; it can only consist of a name and address. 
  • If something exists on any of the other tabs you will first have to delete that information before you can delete that duplicate record. 
  • If there is important information you will still need, make sure to move it over to the record you will be keeping first before deleting it.