April 2011 Tips and Tricks

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What Else Do You Want for No Additional Charge?

At DonorSnap, we are always looking for ways to help nonprofits manage their information more effectively and more efficiently. However, we can't do this all on our own. Tell us what you would like DonorSnap to do. Are there certain reports you would like added to DonorSnap? Would you like free targeted training webinars on using DonorSnap for more specific topics?

Email our Feedback Team to let your voice be heard!

User Access Rights and Org Contact Upgrade

DonorSnap has released new user access rights that allow you to create even more customized permissions. Continue to set up an unlimited amount of users, but now have even more precise control over the data they can view and the changes they can make. The two largest changes include field level security and restrictions based on organization contact in addition to a new user setup interface. Watch the new User Setup Video now.

Field level security can be very helpful for tightening security or controlling for data entry errors. This feature will be most important for organizations with highly segregated duties. If multiple staff members or volunteers have highly specific duties in the database, access to unused fields can be removed on a per user basis. Once you have the rights set for a specific type of user, you can use those rights for any other user in the group by copying them with the click of a button instead of manually restructuring each user. Previously user access was limited to tab level security. This is a huge upgrade if not for security purposes, then for cosmetic purposes of users using the system in different ways.

Organization Contact has been a field with massive amounts of potential that can now be taken advantage of. Many organizations use a fundraising structure where the support for each staff member must be segregated. With the new user rights based on organization contact, users can be limited to view only the contacts that are assigned to them. They can still enter, view, and edit data that is relevant to them based on their user rights, but their access to the contacts, donations, and activity regarding other staff members can be removed. At this time, DataMiner and document processing does not allow access restrictions based on organization contact. For true security, access to DataMiner and document processing should be removed for users who have access limited based on organization contact. Watch the video tutorial How to set up an Org Contact.

As you will also notice, the user setup page has been redesigned. It is now easier to organize and edit user access rights. Access to the Excel Import and Merge Contacts tools is now available for all users if the administrator chooses to assign specific users access to them. Previously these tools were only accessible through the administrator account.

Email Integration Coming Soon

The trend continues that email is becoming more and more important for nonprofits in fundraising and cultivating relationships. We understand this and want to help you get your data into mass emails as easy as possible. We are currently in the testing phase of direct integration with Constant Contact. The integration on our end will be free, but Constant Contact does charge a subscription fee based on your number of contacts. If you are waiting for integration with MailChimp, it is still coming, but has been pushed behind Constant Contact due to ease of use and a higher number of our customers using the system. Stay tuned for more information.

Free DonorSnap Training Webinars

Training and forgetting go hand in hand most times, but don't worry. DonorSnap is here to help! Would you like some more training on how to use your DonorSnap database? Do you have new employees that need an overview of how to use the main features of the system? Space is available on a first-come, first-served basis. The webinar will contain 20-30 minutes of content followed by 10 minutes of Q&A. It will be limited to 15 attendees, but will be recorded for anyone who is unable to attend.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011 @ 1:00 CST
Advanced Features - Unleash your true potential using integrated tools.

  • DataMiner Gold & Platinum
  • A brief outline of Excel Import
  • Mass Interaction Update
  • Merge Duplicates Tool

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