August 2011 Tips and Tricks

  1. DataMiner Platinum Basic Training Video
  2. Constant Contact is Live on Your Site
  3. Setting Up Your Constant Contact Integration
  4. Not Using DonorSnap Yet?

DataMiner Platinum Basic Training Video

We are so convinced that you need to know how to use DataMiner Platinum that we aren't just going to give you a few written articles about it, we are providing a recording of the customer training webinar that was held yesterday for all who were unable to attend.

Watch the DataMiner Platinum Basic Training Video

Constant Contact Integration is Live on your Site

If you haven't already stumbled onto it, your database can now be integrated with Constant Contact. If you are ready to get set up, follow the video instructions below. If you don't already have a Constant Contact account and you want to get started, first follow the link below to sign up for Constant Contact.

Try Constant Contact free for 60 days

Steps for Setting up your Integration

  1. Setup and grant access to Constant Contact processing: Watch the video
  2. Create a list to send to Constant Contact: Watch the video
  3. Sending your data part 1 of 2: Watch the video
  4. Sending your data part 2 of 2: Watch the video

Not Using DonorSnap Yet?

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