December 2011 Tips and Tricks

  1. Limited User Defined Fields
  2. Merge Lookups Feature
  3. Linked User Defined Fields
  4. DataMiner Gold Redesign
  5. Custom Online Form/Donation Collection Tool
  6. Not Using DonorSnap Yet?

Limited User Defined Fields

Although this change does not affect any current DonorSnap account, you should be aware that we now have a limit of 210 user defined fields for each activity table with a limit of 30 of each field type (Date, Single Select Look Up, Multi Select Look Up, Text, Integer, Money, Yes/No). This was done to improve overall operating speed of certain functions in DonorSnap and to establish a base for custom online form pages (more on this below). Existing clients will see no change on their site but those that use a significant number of User Defined fields should experience faster search and query processing. The Site Setup screen has been slightly modified to accommodate this feature.

Watch a short video introducing the new screens.

Merge Lookups Feature

This modification was one of the most requested feature design changes by users. You now will be able to consolidate multiple lookups into one category. This maintenance feature is available for any drop down within DonorSnap (whether a DonorSnap system field or user defined field). This feature will allow organizations to consolidate appeal codes, donation types, contact types, etc...

Watch a short video explaining the Merge Lookups Feature.

Linked User Defined Fields

DonorSnap now allows you to link a user defined field on one of the activity tabs (Donation, Interaction, Volunteer, Tickler, Pledge) with a field of the same type (Integer, Yes/No, Date, etc...) on your Contact Master. A linked field will automatically update the value in the Contact Master to what was entered on detailed activity record. One of the biggest uses for this field will be for Membership based organizations. Once your site is properly configured, you'll be able to enter the Membership Expiration date when adding a Donation record and have this information automatically update an Expiration Date in the Contact Master. This will facilitate queries and eliminate the need to enter information in two locations. If after watching the video below, your organization might benefit from this feature, we encourage you to email support with your thoughts so that we might help guide you through the process.

Watch a video explanation of the new Linked User Defined Fields.

DataMiner Gold Redesign

The functionality of DataMiner Gold (DMG) has not changed, but we redesigned the user screens to give DMG the same look and feel as DataMiner Platinum. You can now use the filter and sort grid that is available in DMP.

Custom Online Form/Data Collection Tool

As mentioned in the beginning of this newsletter, some of the structural changes were made to facilitate the development of our Online Form/Online Payment tool. Initially we had hoped to have this tool ready by the first of the year. This was a significant undertaking but we created an excellent, user friendly design with the same look, feel and intuitiveness of our existing software. However, the design and initial testing of the product proved to be too slow for effective use due to the allowance of unlimited user defined fields. Now that we've addressed this issue, we can get back to the development of this tool. This is the number one development priority due to the overwhelming needs of our clients. We apologize for the delay and have resumed focus on this tool. Our target is to now have the product ready during the first quarter of 2012.

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