February 2011 Tips and Tricks

New Features, New Interface, and Even More Customization!

The newest update to DonorSnap has been released and as always, there are absolutely no additional costs. The upgrade starts with a cleaner, more consistent interface. The grid with sort and filter capabilities from the contact listing page is now used for all of the data screens. User defined fields can be placed on any tab including donations, interactions, and tickler. Customize the view of any tab to show only the fields and the order that you want.

  1. Intro Video for the New DonorSnap Interface
  2. Outline of Changes

Intro Video for the New DonorSnap Interface

Watch the New DonorSnap Interface video to see a preview of the changes that will be released.

Outline of Changes

  1. New User Defined Fields
    • User defined fields can now be placed on any tab, not just the main contact screen.
  2. User Defined Tab
    • There is no longer a separate user defined tab. All of these fields will now be included in the main contact listing.
  3. New Grid Layout
    • The grid used for the contact listing and DataMiner Platinum is now on every tab.
    • Sort, search, and filter quickly and easily
    • Use the new expand arrows to see multiple contacts/entries on one page
  4. New DonorSnap Fields
    • Use the new uneditable fields to help see a quick snapshot of a donor history.
    • YTD Donation Amount (Year to Date Donation Amount)
    • Prior Year Donation Amount
    • Max Donation Date (Date of the largest donation)
    • Max Donation Amount (Amount of the largest donation)
    • LTD Donation Amount (Lifetime to Date Donation Amount)
  5. Screen Customization
    • More customization for every tab.
    • Hide fields that you aren’t using or don’t want to see.
    • Change the order of your fields.
    • Add the address fields to your main contact screen.
  6. Site setup
    • All user defined setup and lists are located under site setup.
  7. Dashboard
    • Choose whether to show or hide sections displayed on your dashboard.
  8. Contribution Statement
    • Change your report to landscape view.
    • Decide what fields to include in the report
    • Export the data to Excel.
  9. Affiliated Tab
    • Add your own affiliation types
  10. Help Site
    • The help site has been completely redesigned and updated to reflect the new interface.
    • How-to videos are available for almost every feature.
    • Searching for information is now much easier and more organized.
    • Each DonorSnap page now has a “Page Help” and “How to Video” button to help you find the exact help you need quickly.
    • Download a complete DonorSnap PDF help manual in.
  11. Coming Soon (not included in this upgrade)
    • Email integration with a 3rd party email provider
    • Save your user grid settings like sort, filters, and column widths
    • Field level security that allows for even more contol over user access
    • Custom add/edit screens for each user
    • Customizable reports