April 2012 Tips and Tricks

  1. Update: Mark Pledges as Completed
  2. Free Training Webinar: DataMiner Platinum - Intermediate
  3. Recorded Training: DataMiner Platinum - Beginner
  4. Tutorial: DataMiner Batch Letters [5:00]
  5. Processing Menu Changes
  6. Not Using DonorSnap Yet?

Mark Pledges as Completed

If you have been waiting for the ability to complete pledges without deleting them, your wait is over! You can now mark pledges as completed. When a pledge is marked as completed, you will no longer see it as an available pledge that a donation can be applied to. All of your historical data will remain intact, but you won't have to worry about data entry personnel accidentally selecting an inactive pledge. To activate this new feature, you will need to enable the Pledge Completed field under Maintenance > Site Setup > Screen Layouts.

View the Pledge Setup Video to see how to get started.

Free Training Webinar: DataMiner Platinum - Intermediate

Wednesday, May 16th at 11CST/12EST/9PST

What you will learn in this webinar:

  1. Uses and limitations of DataMiner Platinum
  2. Summary queries with aggregates (Sum, Max, Min, Count)
  3. Building queries using AND and OR statements
  4. Thinking through and building your own queries from scratch

Registration will open 48 hours before the training on May 14th at 11am Central Time. Check your email on the 14th for the announcement and registration link. Space will be limited.

Missed the Last Training?
Watch the Recorded DataMiner Platinum - Beginner Training

Here's what we covered in this webinar:

  1. Why use DataMiner Platinum?
  2. Simple reporting using the grid to sort & filter
  3. Introduction to the Query Builder
  4. Detailed vs. summary reports
  5. Using and modifying the built-in templates

Watch the DataMiner Platinum - Beginner Training.

Tutorial: DataMiner Batch Letters

We've recently added another new feature that allows you to mail merge your data with a Word document for any DataMiner batch without leaving DonorSnap. Previously you could only do this for donation acknowledgement letters. Any letters using DataMiner Platinum would have needed to be exported and merged from within Word itself.

This is a great option for those of you who send out membership renewal notices. After you upload your letter and create your DataMiner Platinum query, you're all set to send out your letters on a regular basis with only minor adjustments to your query. Take a look at the video tutorial for a walkthrough on how to use this new feature.

Watch the DataMiner Batch Letters Video [5:00]

Processing Menu Changes

In case you missed our announcement, we've made some changes to the layout of the processing menu. Don't worry, all of the same features are still there (with the new DataMiner Batch Letters), but they have been renamed to remove some of the confusion. To read a quick summary of each item and where you can find each feature, read the Processing Menu Changes Announcement.

Not Using DonorSnap Yet?

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