August 2012 Tips and Tricks

  1. Get Ready for Fall Fundraising
  2. New Training: User Security: New Users and Organization Contacts
  3. Recorded Training: Using DonorSnap Tools to Maximize Fundraising
  4. Not Using DonorSnap Yet?

Get Ready for Fall Fundraising

Summer is coming to a close, which can be an exciting thing. New programs are starting and new fundraising campaigns are nearby. Are you ready for the upcoming fall fundraising season? Are you using the right tools to be effective and efficient? DonorSnap is here to help. Browse the outline below to make sure that you have each of the following items taken care of if they are applicable to your organization:

Clean Up Your Database

Make sure to check for duplicates in your database so that you don't send multiple mailings along with the impression that your contacts are just a number. 
Check for Duplicates | Merge Duplicate Contacts

Gather Missing Information

Do you plan to send emails or important mailings? Start collecting any missing contact information before you need to use it. One easy way is to create a form that collects updated mailing addresses, email addresses, or any other information you may need.
Overview of Online Forms

Acknowledgement Letters

Create any new letters that you may want to use for specific campaigns. If you have existing letters that need to be updated, make sure you download those letters, edit them, and upload them back to your site.
Overview of Acknowledgement Letters 

Email Campaigns

Set up a template email if you haven't already. They can take some time to look the way you want them to look, so it's best to get started right away. You might even need a couple of templates ready for your newsletters, letters from the director, or any other types of emails you may frequently send.
Get started with Constant Contact

Fundraising Pages

As you have most likely heard several times already, DonorSnap has launched the online forms and online donations integration. Get yours activated right away so that you can set up those donation pages for each of your different campaigns. You can even set them up for your event participants who are looking for sponsors on your behalf. Take a look at the sample fundraising page we created for Carlos.

Event Registrations

Forms are a great way to collect online event registrations. If you have events coming up that you need RSVPs or registrations for, set up an interaction form to speed up the entire process and free up time to plan the actual event. If you need some form ideas, check out an example event registration page. If you want to collect a payment with an event registration, you'll need to sign up for an account with Accelerated Payments. If you just want to collect registration info, you're already set. Grant your user access to online forms and you'll see the option in the menu bar.
Activate Online Forms

Prepare for New Volunteers/Users

One of the benefits of DonorSnap is that you can have an unlimited number of users accessing DonorSnap at the same time. By creating specific user accounts for volunteers or staff members, you can control exactly what they have access to (down to the field level). Now you can rest assured that volunteers can do data entry without being able to access the entire database. You could also set up an online form for post-event data entry. When your team is finished, disable the form and approve the records to be brought into DonorSnap. If you'd like more information on how to set up users with specific security settings, sign up for the training below.

Free Training:
User Security: Limit Users and Utilize Organization Contacts

September 6th, 2012 at 12pm Pacific/2pm Central/3pm Eastern

What you will learn in this webinar:

  1. Set custom security settings for new/existing users
  2. Create custom screens and grids for users
  3. Delegate tasks efficiently using user accounts
  4. Use Organization Contacts to segment your database for specific users
  5. Run reports based on Organization Contacts

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Missed the Last Training?
Watch the Recorded Using DonorSnap Tools to Maximize Fundraising Training

Here's what we covered in this webinar:

  1. Create a targeted list using DataMiner Platinum
  2. Send that list to Constant Contact
  3. Create a donation form
  4. Include the donation form in your Constant Contact email to your targeted list

Watch the training webinar now: Using DonorSnap Tools to Maximize Fundraising

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