January 2012 Tips and Tricks

  1. Update Your Year End Date
  2. New Contribution Statements Help Videos
  3. Update Your DMP Queries
  4. Free Training: Year End Features
  5. Watch Past Trainings
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Update Your Year End Date in DonorSnap

Many of you need to update the year end to reflect the new year. If you use December 31 as the year end, you will need to change it to December 31, 2012 to ensure that your system fields of DonationAmountYTD and DonationAmountPriorYear are calculating correctly. To update the year end date, log in to your site and navigate to Maintenance > Site Setup. From there choose the Additional Site Options tab. At the bottom of the screen there is a button that says "Change Additional Site Options". Click it and update accordingly.

New Contribution Statements Help Videos

If you need help with the basics of running contribution statements this video is for you. Learn how to select your target and perform minor customization of your statements. Watch the Basic Contribution Statements Video.

You may be looking for help with more advanced contribution statements. Learn how to use advanced targeting with DataMiner Platinum batches. Watch the Using DMP Batches to Run Contribution Statements Video.

Update your DataMiner Platinum Queries

In the most recent update, a change was made to how DMP queries are validated. The change only affects multiple select user defined fields. If you have a query setup that uses one of those fields, make sure you hit the save/validate button on the Query Builder tab before exporting any data. Once it is validated, you are all set going forward. If you have any questions, email support..

Free Year End Features Training Webinar

Tuesday, January 17th at 11:00CT/12:00ET/9:00PT

What you will learn in this webinar:

  1. How to run End of Year Contribution Statements
  2. Customizing your Organization Information on Contribution Statements
  3. Advanced Contribution Statements in conjunction with DataMiner Platinum Reports
  4. How to run End of Year DataMiner Platinum Reports
  5. How to change the system year to reflect 2012

Space is limited, so Register Now.

Looking for Past Trainings?

In case you missed one, ended up on the waiting list, or just want to review them again, take a look through our extensive trainings to round out your DonorSnap skills.

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