March 2012 Tips and Tricks

  1. Update: Customize Organization Contact Emails
  2. Free Training Webinar: DataMiner Platinum - Beginner
  3. Recorded Training: Mail Merge with Microsoft Word
  4. Tutorial: Donations Strata Report [2:56]
  5. Not Using DonorSnap Yet?

Customize Organization Contact Emails with Extra Fields

Many of you have asked to be able to customize the existing Org Contact Emails with more than just the body message. That feature is now available. You can provide your board and staff members with any field you would like. Add address information, remove the campaign or appeal, or add user defined fields. These emails will now help eliminate any additional steps that you may have needed to do to thank your donors for their generous contributions. Make sure you take advantage of the customization right away if you are using this feature.

Not using Org Contact Emails yet? Learn how you can notify board members or staff members when one of their contacts has made a donation so that they can thank them personally without delay. Watch the updated Organization Contact Emails Video to learn more.

Free Training Webinar: DataMiner Platinum - Beginner

Tuesday, April 17th at 11CST/12EST/9PST

What you will learn in this webinar:

  1. Why use DataMiner Platinum?
  2. Simple reporting using the grid to sort & filter
  3. Introduction to the Query Builder
  4. Detailed vs. summary reports
  5. Using and modifying the built-in templates

Registration will open one week before the training on April 10th at noon Central Time. Check your email next week for the announcement and registration link. Space will be limited.

Missed the Last Training?
Watch the Recorded Mail Merge with Microsoft Word Training

Here's what we covered in this webinar:

  1. Create new acknowledgement letters
  2. Build a DataMiner Platinum query to export your information
  3. Merge the exported information into your letter
  4. Create labels and envelopes

Watch the Mail Merge with Microsoft Word Training.

Tutorial: Donations Strata Report

Every organization relies on funding to keep its doors open. A great source of funding is to reach out to the people who have already donated and are on board with your mission. You probably already know who most of your top donors are, but do you know who makes up the next few layers? That's where the Donations Strata Report comes in. This report allows you to group your donors by the amount they have given during a specified time period. This can be a great insight into your donor base. Watch the video below to see if the Donations Strata Report will help your organization target existing donors who may be interested in new opportunities.

Watch the  Donations Strata Report Video [2:56]

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