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Check out the DonorSnap Blog

The DonorSnap blog covers topics relevant to both DonorSnap users and non-DonorSnap users. Don't forget to bookmark it today and share it with your friends.

Does your organization have a Facebook page, blog, or send email newsletters? If so, the latest blog post is something you'll want to check out. Learn how to manage all of the content you send to your supporters using a content calendar:

Nonprofit Editorial Calendar: How to Make Your Content Strategy Easy and Engaging

To begin with, let's define a few buzzwords.
Content: It is what you write in your blog, post Facebook page, tweet out, or send in an email.
Content Calendar: a plan for when and what you publish. It might contain other details like the SEO keywords you plan to use, ways you'll publicize it, or even budget.

At the 2013 Nonprofit Technology Conference(put on by NTEN), a bunch of us here at DonorSnap sat in on a few sessions about content marketing strategy, and we walked away with a great list of tips that I'm sure you will find helpful. Continue reading...

New Feature: Mass Entry

We recently launched a new tool within DonorSnap that will revolutionize the donation entry processes for many organizations. Watch the video to see how you can speed up donation entry.

The screenshot above shows the data entry portion of the new mass entry tool. Just like DonorSnap Online Forms, you can customize all of the fields displayed on the page. You can also set default codes, amounts, and additional tracking data for each form. This makes it ideal for situations like entering a stack of checks from last night's event. Once you set up a mass entry batch, it's saved for future use.

As the name describes, this tool is designed specifically for entering a lot of donations at once. However, some organizations may find that creating presets for specific types of donations will speed up and standardize data entry enough to use it for every donation they add to the system. Check out the short overview video above or register for the training webinar below to learn how it will benefit your organization.

Free Training: Using the New Mass Entry Tool

May 16th, 2013 at 11am Pacific/1pm Central/2pm Eastern

What you will learn in this webinar:

  1. When to use Mass Entry and when to enter individual donations
  2. Create a new donation batch for common donations
  3. Process multiple donations at the same time
  4. Process multiple interactions at the same time
  5. Enable Mass Entry for your users

Space is limited to Register Now.

Missed the Last Training?
Watch the Recorded Best Practices for Volunteer Tracking

Here's what we covered in this webinar:

  1. Use the Volunteer Tab to track volunteer hours
  2. Create custom fields on the contact screen to track interests and skills
  3. Create a volunteer sign in form for your website
  4. Create a volunteer registration form for your website

Watch the training webinar now: Best Practices for Volunteer Tracking

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