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New Feature: Quick Search

Let's say I want to quickly add a note to Karen Anderson's record, but I don't know if Karen is contact 1, contact 2, or a persona record. In the past, I would have tried each one of these fields individually or create a DataMiner Platinum query to find my lost contact. Today, however, I use the new feature "Quick Search" to search across multiple fields at the same time. It only a few seconds to find Karen!

Quick Search is useful for finding any piece of information that you store in your database. You can find the search button on every grid under the Community menu.

The Quick Search tool uses a single search box to search across any or every field in your database. It will find any mention of your search string in a contact, address, persona, donation, pledge, tickler, interaction, volunteer, note, affiliated, organization contact, or community members record. Once you click search, you can quickly jump to any record in the search results.

Your database contains a lot of different fields, and your search string could be found anywhere. In order to prevent data overload, each user gets to customize their search settings. Include or exclude specific fields or tables to find exactly what you are looking for.

Check out the new Quick Search now and let us know what you think. Have any questions? Email our support team at

Upcoming Free Customer Trainings

As you have probably heard a few times already, DonorSnap is now offering a free training almost every week. The free trainings take place on Wednesdays at 1pm Central Time and the topics range from Getting Started with DonorSnap to advanced features like DataMiner Platinum and Online Forms. The next 4 trainings can be viewed at any time.

Find the link to the training schedule under the Help menu from within DonorSnap:

Upcoming Trainings:

  • September 25th: Mass Contact Updates
  • October 2nd: Getting Started with DonorSnap
  • October 9th: DataMiner Platinum with Year End Appeals
  • October 16th: Event Registraion Forms

Space is limited so Register Now.

Want to Watch a Past Training?

Each of our weekly trainings are recorded and placed on the DonorSnap Help Site. These trainings are generally available a few hours after the training ends.

See all of the other past trainings on the help site under Training Webinars.

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