Introducing the New Dashboard!

The new dashboard is full of new features including the brand new DonorSnap Goals app. It has been completely redesigned to have a cleaner look, be user specific, and help manage your DonorSnap tasks more efficiently.

Choose from 11 different app types to add to your dashboard. Need more than one of a type? No problem! Each user will have the option to customize their dashboard specifically to their needs and their uses.

The New Apps

Here's a preview of the new apps that will soon be available.

Goals: Create donation, interaction, contact, and volunteer goals that can be shared with other users. Track your progress each time you log in to DonorSnap. To get your creativity going, take a look at these four example goals:

Quick Search: Search all of the records in your database quickly and easily. Customize your search settings to only check fields relevant to your role.

Favorite Pages: Add links to the pages you use the most. Add one favorites app for daily tasks, one for end of the year tasks, and one for running your favorite reports. Minimize them when you don't need them so that you can come back to them later.

Tickler: Set filters and custom settings to view only the ticklers relevant to your duties. There is no more need to apply filters each time you view the page.

Online Forms Open Records: See all of your online form submissions waiting to be processed. You can also set up filters to exclude forms that you are not responsible for.

Acknowledgements Pending: This app will show you all donations that are still unacknowledged. Use the shortcut links to go straight to the print or email acknowledgement letter system.

Recent Donations: If you like to keep tabs on the latest donations that have been added to DonorSnap, this app will show you just that. Set filters to exclude certain types of donations and choose how many records to display.

Top Donors: The top donors app will show you the contacts who have donated the most. Specify whether to sort by last 30, 60, 90, 180, 365 days, year to date, or lifetime giving.

Other apps that will be included in the new dashboard include Organization Contact Emails Pending, Upcoming Free Training, and Keep&Share Calendars. This new dashboard will completely replace the existing dashboard, but all of the current capabilities will still be available in the new one.

The new dashboard will be released on 12/1/2014! Stay tuned for more tips and videos on setting up the perfect dashboard.