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Using Excel with DonorSnap -- Are you getting the most out of DonorSnap?

I recently found a blog post from TechSoup with some great Excel training videos that I want to share with all of you. I love using Excel. You'll find me opening up a spreadsheet for everything from multiplying two numbers to budgeting to advanced data analysis of my DonorSnap data. The way that I want to help you make the most of your database this month is by learning how to use Excel well to supplement your DonorSnap database.

Excel can certainly be a scary tool to learn, but you'll be surprised to find that the learning curve is fairly shallow.You don't need to be an advanced user to find it useful, and as you learn more, you just might find yourself opening up spreadsheets for scratch paper like I do.

Before I send you off to the Excel training videos, you should first know how to export your data to Excel from DonorSnap. It's very easy to do, because reports, queries, and even your contact listing grid can all be exported to Excel with the click of a button. The pictures below point out where to click.

Exporting from the Contact Listing Grid:

Exporting from a Standard Report:

Without further delay, the TechSoup blog post contains several great videos. Watch the getting started video, tips and tricks videos, or the in-depth training. Here is the link: How to Excel at Everything (or at Least Make Better Spreadsheets).

Free DonorSnap Training

DonorSnap is now offering a free training almost every week. The free trainings take place on Wednesday afternoons and the topics range from Getting Started with DonorSnap to advanced features like DataMiner Platinum and Online Forms. The next 4 trainings can be viewed at any time.

Find the link to the training schedule under the Help menu from within DonorSnap:

Upcoming Trainings:

  • August 5th: Grant Tracking Best Practices
  • August 12th: Recurring Donations
  • August 19th: Event Registration Forms
  • August 26th: No Training This Week

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Each of our weekly trainings are recorded and placed on the DonorSnap Help Site. These trainings are generally available a few hours after the training ends.

See all of the other past trainings on the help site under Training Webinars.

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