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New Feature: Responsive Forms

We've launched a brand new online form tool that has been redesigned from the ground up. Since the new forms are designed to look good on every device like your smartphone, tablet, or computer, we call them Responsive Forms -- they respond to the screen size on which they are being displayed.

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This tool is completely separate from the "Standard Forms" and "Recurring Donation Forms" that you have already had access to under the Online Forms menu. If you are using those forms currently, you will still be able to use them going forward. Just keep in mind that the old forms will not be receiving any new updates, so we recommend transitioning to Responsive Forms when it is convenient to do so. Also note that OpenEdge/Accelerated Payments is not compatible with the new forms.

Benefits of the new Responsive Forms

You can't miss the much improved layout and design of generated forms. Don't worry about calling the web designer to help you create a good looking Responsive Form. These new forms start by looking good, and with very little effort, they look great!

Primary design changes you will want to know:

  • Forms are now centered in the page
  • Header/logo image automatically adjusts to fit within your page
  • Embed forms into a mobile-optimized website
  • Headings and text boxes can be added above, between, or below your form fields
  • New layout option allows multiple fields per line
  • New "Pledge" form type added to create pledge records in DonorSnap (not payments)

New donation and payment related additions:

  • ACH payments are now supported
  • Recurring donation option can be enabled in any donation or interaction w/ payment form
  • Recurring donations can be modified after being scheduled
  • New payment processor: First American Payment Systems powered by goEmerchant
  • goEmerchant will "Meet or Beat" your current payment processing rates

Example Responsive Forms

Check out a few example forms to see how they work:

High School Mentoring Check In: View form (volunteer hours)

Donate Now to Star Nonprofit: View form (donation)

MosquitoNet Conference Registration: View form (interaction with payment)

Brick Walk Purchase: View Form (donation)

Address Update: View Form (contact)

How to Get Started

1. Watch the initial training video to learn more.

2. Sign up for future trainings below.

3. Click the logo below to create an account with the new payment processor goEmerchant:
Signup for goEmerchant

Important Notes

The new Responsive Forms tool is included in all DonorSnap subscriptions. In order to take advantage of the ability to process credit cards, debit cards, or ACH payments, you will need to create an account with goEmerchant. OpenEdge/Accelerated Payments is not compatible with the new Responsive Forms. If you are using OpenEdge, you can continue to do so, but only using the old online forms system.

Questions? Read our Responsive Forms Frequently Asked Questions page.

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DonorSnap is now offering a free training almost every week. The free trainings take place on Wednesday afternoons and the topics range from Getting Started with DonorSnap to advanced features like DataMiner Platinum and Online Forms. The next 4 trainings can be viewed at any time.

Find the link to the training schedule under the Help menu from within DonorSnap:

Upcoming Trainings:

  • September 14th: Acknowledgement Letters with Word
  • September 21st: Email PDF Acknowledgements
  • September 28th: Intro to DonorSnap Features
  • October 5th: User Setup and Dashboard Apps
  • October 12th: Getting Started with DonorSnap

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