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New Feature: Form Totals

Since we launched the brand new Responsive Forms in December, we have added another game-changer... Form Totals! Transform your simple online donation form into complex ticket forms or a shopping cart. Load your form up with multiple ticket types, add-on items, scholarship options, and additional donations. The possibilities are endless!

Take a look for yourself:

Form Totals example

The new form totals work by assigning dollar values to your existing dropdown field options. The example above uses four types of tickets. As an option is selected for each of the ticket fields, you'll see the Total Purchase Amount field changing to reflect the new total. Dollar values can be assigned to any single select or multiple select dropdown fields. If you add a money field to your form like the example above uses for an additional donation, that field will also be added to the total amount field.

Here are the steps to modify your form to utilize the new Form Totals:

  1. Create your user defined field and any dropdown options needed (how to video).
  2. Assign a dollar value to field options (dropdown fields only). Go to Online Forms > Payment Amount/Dropdown Link
  3. Add your dropdown or money field to your form's Form Builder tab.
  4. Edit the field and check "Link to Amount" under the List Options field (dropdown fields only)

Watch the Form Totals Setup Video to learn more.

Example Forms

Tickets sales for high school play: This form includes multiple ticket types/prices along with an optional parking pass. It also includes an option to sponsor a student in multiple ways and include an additional donation on top of ticket purchases. View the example form

T-shirt sales for local animal shelter: This form has five different t-shirt types for sale. A visitor can purchase one of each type by selecting their size. Additional donations are also solicited just before payment. View the example form

Ready to start collecting donations through Responsive Forms?

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Questions about the new forms? Read our Responsive Forms Frequently Asked Questions page.

New Feature: Email Tracking

See the results of your emails with the new email tracking page. You'll need to enable it for your user before it will appear under the Maintenance menu. Watch this video to learn how to enable new features.

Email tracking preview

The screenshot above shows the Maintenance > Email Tracking page. It lists all of the emails that have been sent from your database in the familiar grid interface for easy searching. On the right side, you will notice all the events for an email. Here's an explanation of each of the events:

  • Processed: Email was sent.
  • Delivered: Email was received by the recipient.
  • Open: Recipient opened the email.
  • Deferred: Email sending was delayed and will be retried.
  • Bounce: Recipient did not receive the email. Make sure the email address is correct.
  • Dropped: Email was not sent because it is a known bad email address.

If you expand the line by clicking on the arrow to the left, you'll see the entire email. You will also have the option to resend the email if needed.

New Feature: Scheduled Reports Tracking

Once you've enabled email tracking for your user as explained above, you'll also have access to the Scheduled Reports Emails feature as well.

Scheduled Reports Listing

This page will show you the complete history and currently scheduled reports for all users in your database. This view includes the emails for standard reports and DataMiner Platinum reports.

To cancel a report that is scheduled to be delivered in the future, click the trash can icon on the right. Resend an email by clicking the arrow on the left to expand the line. You will see the full email details and a button to resend it with the original report attachment. Note that the report will be exactly as it was when the original email was sent. It will not be updated to include any data added to your database after the original report was sent.

Free DonorSnap Training

DonorSnap is now offering a free training almost every week. The free trainings take place on Wednesday afternoons and the topics range from Getting Started with DonorSnap to advanced features like DataMiner Platinum and Online Forms. The next 4 trainings can be viewed at any time.

Find the link to the training schedule under the Help menu from within DonorSnap:

Upcoming Trainings:

  • April 5th: Event Registration Forms
  • April 12th: Membership Tracking Best Practices
  • April 19th: Volunteer Tracking Best Practices
  • April 26th: Getting Started with DonorSnap
  • May 3rd: Acknowledgement Letters with Word

Space is limited so Register Now.

Want to Watch a Past Training?

Each of our weekly trainings are recorded and placed on the DonorSnap Help Site. These trainings are generally available a few hours after the training ends.

See all of the other past trainings on the help site under Training Webinars.

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