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DonorSnap is Integrated with DonorSearch

How well do you know your potential major donors and their capacity to give? DonorSearch is now giving away it's proprietary philanthropy score to all DonorSnap users for free! The brand new integration displays this score right inside of DonorSnap. For a more complete picture of your donors, take advantage of special DonorSearch pricing to unlock the detailed profiles as well.

Integration with DonorSearch

The DS Rating highlights the potential for a donor to give to nonprofit organizations. The scores are based on many factors including known charitable giving, real estate, plane/boat ownership, and other indicators of wealth. When you hover over the rating in DonorSnap, you will see a short description explaining what that score means.

Using the DS Rating Philanthropy Score in DonorSnap

Pull the DS Rating field into your DataMiner Platinum reports to create targeted mailing lists based on the score. For the donors with a higher score, consider making a larger ask or implementing a different follow up strategy.

To quickly find missed opportunities, add the DS Rating field to your contact listing grid along with the DonationAmountYTD (year to date) field. Then use the grid to sort and filter based on these two fields to quickly see how well you are capturing these donors this year. When you find mismatches of high DS Ratings but low year to date giving, create a tickler reminder to follow up with that donor personally.

Special DonorSearch Pricing

Exclusively for DonorSnap clients, DonorSearch is also offering fantastic pricing on subscriptions to their full system. When you sign up for their service and enter your credentials into DonorSnap, you will also unlock a direct link from each contact to their detailed profile in DonorSearch. With one click inside of DonorSnap, you will jump directly to their DonorSearch profile where you will see a complete picture of their charitable contributions, real estate holdings, and many other indicators of wealth.

To sign up or learn more about DonorSearch, please contact Kevin Bean at or 410-670-4441. Live DonorSearch demos will begin the first week of September. Stay tuned for more information on how to register for a demo.

NCOA: National Change of Address Integration


Clean up your addresses in DonorSnap using the NCOA integration for free! Every DonorSnap subscriber can take advantage of this new offering at no cost once per year. Other services charge hundreds of dollars to validate, correct, and update address changes for a list of contacts, and It's certainly worth the investment. Free NCOA screening is one more benefit of using DonorSnap.

Scrubbing your contact addresses in DonorSnap is as simple as:

  1. Email to request your cleaning
  2. DonorSnap support will start the process and update your database
  3. Review the updates and fix the addresses that need manual review
  4. The whole process takes just a few hours, not weeks! The best practice is to scrub your addresses a few weeks before your big mailing. Contact us to start your free NCOA scrub when the time is right.

    Do you need Phone Support?

    In talking with DonorSnap clients, we have found a growing number of users who find it more helpful to talk their questions through over the phone. In order to better support those clients, DonorSnap is now offering phone support as an additional service. Phone support plans are in addition to your DonorSnap subscription and require a minimum commitment of one year.

    If you would like more information about paid phone support, please contact us at

    For those of you that find our speedy email support and the extensive help library to be enough for you, great! We're glad to hear that and will continue to improve those avenues. In fact, we just recently launched a brand new help site. You shouldn't have any issues watching the help videos on your iPad or phones going forward! Check it out at

    Are you a Spammer?

    If you are sending mass emails to your contacts, through the built in Mass Email Campaigns tool or a third party tool like Constant Contact, you might be a spammer. Do you know where that line is and when you have crossed it?

    Does it even matter if you send spam? The short answer is a resounding "Yes!" First off, if you are sending spam, you might be breaking the law. It will also hurt your reputation in the eyes of the systems that pass your emails back and forth. If they detect that you are sending unwanted email, they will block all of your emails from ever making it to any of their users' inboxes.

    To help you understand the difference between spam and beneficial, wanted email, take a look at these great articles.

    SendGrid Blog: An Email You Should Never Send

    SendGrid Blog: 4 Email Blast Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

    Things you might have missed

    Radio Buttons in Responsive Forms

    Display your single select dropdown fields as radio buttons. This will show all of the available options on the screen at one time instead of hidden in a dropdown box. To make the switch, go to the Form Builder tab and click the gear icon to the left of your single select dropdown. Here you will see the option to switch between the two display types.

    Persona Mass Email

    The Mass Email Campaigns tool now supports sending to your persona emails. Build your Persona query in DataMiner Platinum to select your email list, and you will now see it as an option in the recipients field.

    Persona Linked User Defined Fields

    If you are using the Persona tab and also tracking things like memberships, you can now automatically update a persona record when you add a new donation for a specific persona record. For example, link the membership expiration date on your donation record to the expiration date field on the persona tab. Each time you use the membership expiration date field on the donation record and attach it to a persona, the persona field will be automatically updated with this new date.


    There are fields in your database that help standardize the tracking of your opted-in contacts. OptInDate records the date of the last time the contact opted-in and OptInMethod records whether they opted-in via mail, online, email, phone, other, or not at all.

    New Fields Added

    A number of fields have been added to help standardize data and make things easier for new users. Those fields include Attributes, Mail Codes, Birthdate, Employer, Job Title, Deceased, etc. You might have already created user defined fields to hold this information, which may be confusing. Check out the video: how to transition to using the new fields to learn how to move your data to the new feilds and get rid of your old user defined fields.

    Free DonorSnap Training

    DonorSnap is now offering a free training almost every week. The free trainings take place on Wednesday afternoons and the topics range from Getting Started with DonorSnap to advanced features like DataMiner Platinum and Online Forms. The next 4 trainings can be viewed at any time.

    Find the link to the training schedule under the Help menu from within DonorSnap:

    Upcoming Trainings:

    • August 29th: Donation Forms
    • September 5th: Form Totals in Responsive Forms
    • September 12th: Mass Entry Tool
    • September 19th: Mass Email Campaigns
    • September 26th: Getting Started with DonorSnap

    Space is limited so Register Now.

    Want to Watch a Past Training?

    Each of our weekly trainings are recorded and placed on the DonorSnap Help Site. These trainings are generally available a few hours after the training ends.

    See all of the other past trainings on the help site under Training Webinars.

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