Responsive Forms – 4 – Processing Open Records

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Video Outline

  1. Add the Open Records app to your dashboard to alert you to open records when you log in to DonorSnap
  2. Link a form submission to an existing record in your database to avoid creating a duplicate contact record
  3. See what currently exists in DonorSnap for a contact
  4. Load a record into your database

Clicking the “Auto Link Contacts by Email” button will automatically check your database to see if a contact with the same email address already exists. If a matching email address is found in the PersonaEmail, Email1, or Email2 fields, then the record will automatically be linked with that existing contact. You will not need to manually link the open record to the existing contact.

Important: Make sure to scroll to the right to make sure you are not overwriting any existing fields that you might want to keep. Look for the red highlighted cells, and then click the edit button to review those records if needed.

Any records already linked to an existing contact will not be checked. If no existing contact is found, then you can either manually link this record to an existing contact or load it in as a new contact. DonorSnap will first search the Email1 field and link the record to the first match found. If multiple contacts share an email address, the oldest contact record will be linked to it. If no match is found in the Email1 field, the Email2 field will be searched for an existing match.

If using the Persona feature and you have included the DonationPersona, InteractionPersona, or VolunteerPersona field on your form, DonorSnap will first check for email matches using the PersonaEmail field. If none is found, it will search the Email1 then the Email2 fields.


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Last Updated On November 28, 2018