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One address is visible on the Contact screen. However, contacts can have multiple addresses listed on the Address Tab.

Preferred Address

One and only one address can be the Preferred Address.

The “Preferred” address will be the address that is used for all labels, reports, document generation, mail merges and DataMiner queries; and if you have Address fields on your Contact screen, will be the address displayed there.  Change the “Preferred address” by checking the “Preferred Address” box on the desired address.

Delete an address by clicking on the Trash Can icon.  This will completely remove the address from your database.  If you wish to keep a history of past addresses, you can simply inactivate the old address by clicking on the inactivate box when in Edit mode.

*Be cautious not to delete your Preferred Address. If you do, ensure that another address is selected as Preferred; otherwise, when printing reports or doing queries, no address will be included for that contact record.

Address Type

Use the Address Type field to denote what type of address is listed.

Update your Address Type drop-down under Maintenance > Site Setup > Field and Screen Customization > DonorSnap Site Lookups

Last Updated On March 07, 2019