Comparing Standard Forms and Responsive Forms

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For new customers of DonorSnap, the only forms provided are Responsive Forms with goEmerchant payment processing.

However existing customers of DonorSnap might still be using our “old” standard forms with Open Edge as the credit card customer.  This page explains some frequently asked questions about Responsive Forms and compares them with the old standard forms..


Get started collecting online donations in DonorSnap’s Responsive Forms by creating an account with goEmerchant:

Which company is the new payment processor that DonorSnap has partnered with?
goEmerchant will be processing the payments made through Responsive Forms.

Why does only goEmerchant and not OpenEdge work with Responsive Forms?
The new forms were designed to have a modern look and feel. The single page format and mobile responsive design requires advanced cryptograms and programming technology that is provided by goEmerchant.

Can I continue using the old online forms (standard forms and recurring forms)?
Yes, if you are already using the standard online forms, you can continue using them in the same capacity.

If I am already using the old online forms, do I need to switch to Responsive Forms?
No, if the standard online forms work well for your purposes, there is no need to switch to Responsive Forms right now.

Keep in mind that development work on these forms has officially ended, and support will be limited.  We will not be able to fix any errors that may be found at that point.

What are the benefits of switching to Responsive Forms?
The new Responsive Forms have a much cleaner and modern design. Here is a list of changes:

  • Forms are now centered in the page.
  • The header/logo image will automatically adjust to fit within your page.
  • All forms use “responsive design” which means that the form will automatically resize to fit the screen of mobile devices, tablets, or computers.
  • Forms can now be embedded into your organization’s mobile optimized website
  • Headings and text boxes can now be added to forms above, between, or below your form fields.
  • Forms now have two layouts to choose from: one form field per line or multiple fields per line.
  • ACH payments are now supported.
  • Recurring donations can be modified after being scheduled.
  • Recurring donations can be enabled for any donation or interaction with payment form.
  • New pledge form type allows pledge records (not payments) to be created in DonorSnap.
  • reCAPTCHA protects against fraudulent charge attempts and spam generated from bots.

Why isn’t DonorSnap integrated with PayPal or other companies?
The DonorSnap developers chose to move forward with the goEmerchant software due to flexibility in form design and personalized support for both development and the nonprofit organizations who will ultimately be using the software. PayPal did not offer the same level of support, and goEmerchant will match PayPal for Nonprofits pricing structure.

What will happen to my recurring donors set up on OpenEdge if I switch to goEmerchant?
Recurring donations cannot be transferred from one processor to another. You will need to contact your donor and have them set up a new recurring donation with your new Responsive Form.

Can I use both systems at the same time?
From the DonorSnap side, there is no issue with having live donation forms in both the old system and the new Responsive Forms, but your agreement with the payment processor might say otherwise. Please check your specific agreement for any further information regarding using two payment processors.

Can I modify recurring donations after they have been set up through a Responsive Form?
Yes, you can change expiration date, recurring amount, and timing through the goEmerchant portal. You cannot change the credit card number. In that scenario, a new recurring donation will need to be submitted.

Can I schedule donations to take place in the future with Responsive Forms?
Yes, by using a recurring donation, a donor can specify a start and end date. The first payment will not take place until the start date.

Last Updated On August 09, 2018