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Interested in DonorSearch? Contact Jason Mauer at or 410-988-8383 for special pricing.

Do you know your major donors? The integration with DonorSearch can help!

Free offering from DonorSearch: DS Rating Philanthropy Score

All DonorSnap users have complimentary access to the DS Rating field which is one of the core features of DonorSearch. This field highlights the philanthropic giving history and wealth information for each contact in your database. This allows you to not only identify wealthy prospects, but also find prospects who are philanthropists.

Add the DSRating field to your screen layout grid

In order to see the new DSRating field, you will need to add it to your contact listing grid. You can either set your site’s default grid layout or set just your user’s grid layout.

Explanation of the free ‘DSRating’ field in DonorSnap provided by DonorSearch

DS1-1: Donor giving a single gift of $5,000 or more to a nonprofit or political organization found in DonorSearch’s charitable giving database.
DS1-2: Real estate holdings of $2+ million, business executive at a firm with revenues of $5+ million
DS1-3: Real estate holdings of $1-2 million, business executive at a firm with revenues of $1-5 million
DS1-4: Real estate holdings of $500,000-1 million, ownership of at least two properties or a real estate trust, a single gift of over $500.
DS1-5: One or more of the following: Business executive at a firm with revenues under $1 million, or the strong possibility of being an SEC insider and/or possible member of a foundation board or grant seeking organization.
DS2: Exact match to selected markers of wealth including: Airplane or Boat ownership and/or a holder of a pilot’s license
DS3: No noteworthy matches to giving history or wealth indicators.

Special pricing for DonorSnap clients:

Access the detailed identification profile explained in the video above when you sign up for DonorSearch. Learn more about all the additional prospecting and wealth management tools offered by contacting DonorSearch today. To receive the special DonorSnap client rate, contact Jason Mauer at or 410-988-8383.

Last Updated On June 07, 2019