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Email your Contribution Statements as PDF attachments.  Use the same filters as when you print statements (Reports > Donation Activity > Contribution Statements). Personalize the email for each donor by including mail merge fields in your email body.

Note: If too much content is entered into the contribution statement footer, it will be cut off in the PDF. Please double check the PDF to make sure it fits if you add more than a few lines of text.


Statement Listing Tab

Processing Statements column:

Pending – these statements are currently waiting in the queue, and the system has not started generating your PDF’s
Yes – these statements are actively being generated as PDF’s
No – these statements are no longer running or waiting to be run

Total Statements column:

This column will show the total number of PDF’s in the batch once the PDF’s have started being created.

Statements Processed column:

This column shows you how many PDF’s have already been generated. In other words, this is the overall progress.

Last Updated On October 25, 2018