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Watch an overview of the capabilities of Excel Import along with an example import of new contacts into DonorSnap.

Note: The most recent version of this tool can now update ALL record types including donations. Just make sure to use the appropriate IPK field (e.g. DonationIPK, InteractionIPK, etc.) instead of the ContactIPK when updating a record.

The Excel Import tool is an excellent tool for adding large numbers of records or to make a significant changes in your DonorSnap database. This program will allow a user to take a properly formatted Excel spreadsheet and all all of the records into DonorSnap without the need to manually enter each record.  The tool will add new records for:

  • Contacts
  • Addresses
  • Donations
  • Pledges
  • Interactions
  • Tickler
  • Volunteer Activity
  • Notes
  • Persona

In addition to adding new records, you can also update fields in existing records by including the appropriate IPK field in the first column of your spreadsheet. For a contact update use the ContactIPK field, for a donation update use DonationIPK, etc.

Note: If you are doing multiple imports, you should never jump back to the first tab to start a new import. Always reload the page or use the navigation menu and go to Maintenance > Excel Import again. This will ensure that no remnants of the first import will affect the next import.

Example Spreadsheets

DonorSnap Example – Import New Contacts with One Donation per Contact

DonorSnap Example – Import New Contacts with Multiple Donations per Contact

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Last Updated On August 31, 2018