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Step 3 performs a validation of your data. DonorSnap will look at each field that is being imported and determine whether or not the import data is correct.

The types of validation that takes place are:

  • checking that an Integer or Money field has a valid number in the record.
  • checking to see that there is a properly formatted data that included mm/dd/yy or is blank.  You can not import partial dates such as mm/yy or text dates such as August 23, 1980.
  • Looking to see that the linking field on updates and activity records matches to Contact records within DonorSnap (In the above example, 248 of the 257 records being imported to do not have a proper key in the ImportKey field and therefore will not be imported into DonorSnap.
  • checking Y/N fields to determine that they contain valid data that can be interpreted as either Yes or No.
  • examining the length of text fields to ensure that they are not too long.

There is no action to be taken on this screen other than to be notified of the number of “fatal” errors in the import.  A fatal error in a specific record will not allow that record to be updated into DonorSnap.


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Last Updated On July 27, 2018