First Look: The New DonorSnap Interface

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Come check out the changes coming to DonorSnap. We have a brand new look that you’ll love! Here is a list of some of the changes you’ll notice:

  1. Left side navigation menu that is easier to use
  2. Find pages the same way – the new menu has the same structure
  3. New colors, fonts, and the ability to choose your own theme
  4. Easier to read screens with larger fonts
  5. Tablet and touchscreen friendly
  6. Help for your current page is in the help menu in the upper right
  7. No functionality has been removed
  8. Save your column widths, filters, and page size of the grid
  9. New Dashboard Apps: Donor Retention and donation bar graphs
  10. Contact tab and expanded contact listing grid show a chart of donations broken down by year

Last Updated On April 09, 2019